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Why become a member? 

Believe that you can contribute to shaping a fairer economic system

You want to receive tools, training aid to help you implement concepts of the Economy of Communion at work

You are keen to learn from other professionals and entrepreneurs on how to implement the Economy of Communion

You want to contribute towards amplifying the impact of the Economy of Communion in Asia

EoC Asia Pacific Membership

Membership is free for the year of 2021!

EoC National Association

Large Corporate Members

Medium Corporate Members

Small Corporate Members

Non-profit Corporate Member

Academic Institution

EoC National Association

Founded before the Federation


Individual Professional

Academe, Government or Civil Society

Individual Professional

Other sectors



Contribute in Kind for membership fees


Contribute in Kind for membership fees

Founding Members

Help guarantee sustainability with a commitment to EOC Values and significant contribution – USD$10,000 for 1st year, USD$5,000 PER YEAR

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  • Yearly fees are indicative and will be confirmed during the General Congress 2021. For the year 2021, fees are waived.
  • Shaded membership categories are unavailable for now. These will be opened once an accreditation process is in place.
  • In kind contributions are to be presented in writing for approval by the Federation. For example, these can be in the form of assistance to the EoC Asia Pacific secretariat or a national EoC commission (e.g. translation of documents, coaching, tutorials, etc.), or offering skills training to people in poverty, for the equivalent of 1 work week.

Pre-launch Membership

EoC Asia Pacific has opened up the following membership categories at its launch: 

Founding Members

Open to any person or enterprise practicing or familiar with the practices of the Economy of Communion and is willing to provide the foundational support of EoC Asia Pacific.

Guarantee its existence in the years to come.

Existing EoC Enterprises

Open to all EoC businesses. Each Corporate Member organisation.

Is entitled to 3 votes at the General Meeting as that stated in their membership sub-category.

Individual Member in Entrepreneurship

Open to an individual involved in a startup or running an enterprise.

He/She has one vote.

Individual Member as a professional or employee, unemployed, retiree

Open to an individual working professionally or for others.

He/She has one vote.

Individual member as a person working in academia, government or non-profit

Open to an individual working in government or non-profit organisations.

He/She has one vote.

Individual member 
as a student

Open to an individual who is not working but pursuing full-time studies.

He/She has one vote.

You will be redirected to the form.

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